Meet the Owner

Grace is a print geek, graphic + web designer, multimedia production artist, and bookbinder.

In more recent years, she's added construction,  renovation/remodeling, interior design, business consulting, small business accounting, and farming to her crazy diverse bag of tricks.

Professionally, Grace has spent 23 years of her career in Print Production, Graphic/Web Design, and Business Operations/Logistics; however, she is most passionate about making unique pieces by hand. In 2014, she finally opened her own print shop.

If you’d like to learn more about Grace’s background, her thrilling journey, and origins / how her business started out in California, check out this article by Voyage LA.

In 2018, Grace and her family FINALLY moved to their beautiful slice of heaven...Cane Creek Valley (just outside of Asheville, NC). They first dreamt of moving to Asheville back in 2011 on their first visit. In doing so, she fulfilled a lifelong dream of living in the same city as her sister (and best friend), Angela. Now that the dream is a reality, there are so many creative endeavors for them to tackle together. They always have an endless list of ideas and great projects on the horizon.

Upon hitting North Carolina, grace expanded into Home Renovation/Consturction & Interior Design. filled with all sorts of exciting adventures. Most recently (in 2020), her biggest endeavor to date has began as she tackled converting 6 gorgeous acres of land into a small farm and gutting / renovating an unlivable, abandoned home into a charming little farmhouse.

Grace has hopes to someday expand her creative repertoire to include fabric & textile design as well as developing her own apparel & accessory line. In the future (maybe more distant than near), you’ll be able to learn more about her upcoming collection of designer textiles & apparel.

Aside an early influence from her sisters, what motivated Grace to delve into handmade artistry was an avid passion for book arts formed her freshman year in college. The University of Iowa Center for the Book is arguably the best Book Arts program in the nation. Fortunate to have stumbled across it early on…an artist was born.

Between the mind-blowing bookbinding, letterpress, and printmaking taught there, she was sucked right into the amazing aesthetics of old school printing techniques. By day, Grace ran a modern print shop...and by night she spent countless hours in art studios printing and crafting by hand.

Grace’s other artistic passions include sewing, embroidery, writing music, stand-up comedy, graphic novels, non-fiction writing, screen printing, letterpress, handmade paper, photography, and printmaking. Born and raised in Iowa, Grace is proud to be a Midwestern girl through and through. {GO HAWKEYES!}

Grace now lives in Western North Carolina just outside of Asheville with her wonderful husband, Jason, their adorable son & daughter, along with their full-farm of furry and feathered children. :)

These days, Grace keeps busy with their two children, making sure her clients' operations run seamlessly, tackling renovation / construction projects, getting their family farm going, and cranking out creative projects for clients...because, you know, there's just not enough going on. ;)


About the Shop

My mission is to create + inspire that heart fluttering excitement when someone opens their mailbox and sees that something absolutely stunning awaits…a tangible, old-school, physical object that takes your breath away.

There is absolutely nothing like that crazy-in-love feeling you get when receiving something adorably handmade…just for you.

Yeah…that indescribable awe? We like to be the reason that feeling exists.

There are endless possibilities to creatively reinvent and revitalize everyday objects. I’m constantly looking for ways to do just that. With the sweeping revolution of DIY + Pinterest…I’d say that I was born in the right era.

ink likes to stand out from the crowd…and we LOVE making YOU stand out even more! Have you ever seen something so unique and impressive that you constantly bring it up to others whenever the topic arises? Have you ever been to a wedding or party where “that awesome ………….” was THE coolest one you’ve ever seen? That’s what ink is all about. Ultimately, we make your life events, business, home, and office the most exciting kind. You’ll always be stirring a buzz because our products create lasting impressions.

We are not your average shop. Thus, average quality is simply substandard in our eyes. Soooo…no, we will NOT be the cheapest and fastest shop around. If you’re in a hurry and need something “cheap and quick”…sadly, we can’t help you. Let me introduce you to a little website called Google, where you can find thousands of sites to produce your project. You’ll want to save working with us for the occasion where you want to blow everyone away. Average is dull. Average is easy. We don’t think you should settle for average.

ink is a family run small business. We are a mom + pop + little tot shop! We first started in our humble garage and home studio. We ran out of space and began to expand & renovate a commercial brick-and-mortar studio. Then we welcomed the delightful development of expecting a new little bundle of joy…to arrive right in the middle of our store launch! So we packed up shop and took it back home. It was a welcome kink in our plans, but delayed the launch. Now, we’re rapidly progressing towards more creative goals every day.

Those of you who have been a part of starting a small business from nothing understand the exciting times (and absurdity) of launching a business from the ground up. Lots of moving parts, logistics, and an ENDLESS to-do list that never stops growing. I look forward to getting up + running soon to share my goodies with the world.

I’m no stranger to launching successful shops from scratch. I’ve opened several stores and brand new locations for small retail chains all the way up to a massive Sign & Graphic national production hub for a large, multi-national corporation. Logistics and organization are my specialties.

Since I’m constantly testing out, researching, loving, and adding new products to the shop – I order small sample batches (when possible) in an assortment of colors to carefully review before placing a massive bulk inventory order. Sometimes, test products simply don’t pan out to what I’m looking for…BUT they need wonderful homes nonetheless! I’ve already got a nice goodie box started. That equates to lots of GIVEAWAYS!

I make a major effort to donate excess craft + art supplies to local daycares & activity centers for children. I feel it’s crucial to unleash that passion for creativity, music & art as early as possible. However, I also keep a special stash reserved just for customers and fans. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates.